Ps Stephen & Michelle Probert

Pastor Stephen and Michelle have a desire to serve the body of Christ and to see people strong, healthy and moving in victory and freedom. They also have a strong desire to see Bordertown, the district and beyond experiencing a powerful move of God and coming under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.   For this to happen, Christians need to live purposeful lives, striking a balance between spending time with Father God and spending time with people.  Time with our Father so He can change us and time with people so we can influence them.  We believe that for there to be influence there needs to be relationship.  Christians need to be out in the community shining forth the love of God in real, practical ways.  We carry the presence of God with us wherever we go.  Let’s not hide our lights under a bushel but put them out on display where everyone can see them and Jesus will be glorified.

Pastor Stephen and Michelle have 5 children, Matthew, Daniel, Sam, Faith and Rachel.