Sozo Ministries

Sozo Ministries

Co-ordinators Glen and Helen Biddle


This ministry began in Redding California at the Bethel Church. In 1997, Randy Clark a healing evangelist came to teach the church family how to minister to the congregation during the sessions. Out of this appointed time a lady Dawna DeSilva from the Bethel Church Family began and was given the mantle of the now Bethel Sozo ministry.


Our desire is for all to experience the Love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Just close your eyes and ask! How do I see you Father God? Where are you Jesus? What are you doing Holy Spirit? To hear and see that the Godhead has some think to say to you personally, that you would receive a word in season.

Please contact the Church office if you would like to book a session with our wonderful team at Highway Christian Centre.



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